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Love On An Escalator

It seems the president fooled most of the press with his ruse, but we are not as easily fooled as the MAIN STREAM MEDIA, are we folks?

Earlier tonight, Melanie was supposed to make her first public appearance in 25 days at the Gold Star Families event.  “coincidentally”, this event was closed to the press and to the public.  When she didn’t show up (probably because she very much dead), then her body double also didn’t show up (she dead also?), Trump’s ELITE TEAM must have scrambled into action on their back-up plan that we here at MiM have heard from an anonymous source within the Trump administration is known as,” Operation Dude Looks Like First Lady”

I mean, clearly

Now that you know what we know, look at that pic and tell me w/ a straight face that that isn’t the lead singer of The Aerosmiths

sad2say, but melanie is definitely still missing.  The search continues.

DAY 25


May 10
The last time Melanie was seen in public:…517833357946882

May 14
White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham issued a statement, announcing that Melanie was recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington, D.C.after undergoing an “embolization procedure” to treat an unspecified but benign kidney-related issue.

May 19
Trump welcomes the First Lady back to the White House:

May 25
Trump, pointing to a White House window, makes a statement about Melanie: “She’s doing great. She’s looking at us right there.”
None of the reporters present could see the First Lady.…067950177669121

May 27
After almost two weeks of being completely invisible to the public, rumors begin swirling that Melania is moving back to NYC.…9095353344?s=21

May 29…538742585298944

May 30
SHE LIVES! (maybe)

June 1…545617648963585

June 2


(full credit for this summary goes to SA forums superstar and noted not-moron GobiasIndustries)

DAY 24

Melanie Turmp was last seen in public on May 10th.

Where are you Melanie????

[We here at MelaniaIsMissing would never wish harm on our beloved First Lady.  We simply believe she dead, but if she alive somewhere, that would Be Best]